Jun 2, 2009

The Vintage Lane and Wild Olive Tees

Okay, here are a couple of give aways that I absolutely love so I have to tell you about them!!


Rachael is one of my sister's friends and she makes beautiful hand stamped silver jewelry. She has just opened up her new Etsy store and has the cutest necklaces EVER!
My sister gave me a necklace(made by Rachael)for Christmas with all three of my children's names on it. My husband and I both love it and we both wear it! Here is the link to her Etsy store called " The Vintage Lane" so please go check it out.

She is also giving $50.00 worth of jewelry away on her blog, here is the link with all of the information. I hope I win, then my husband and I would BOTH have one-HA!
If you haven't heard of Wild Olive Tees, then you MUST go and check out their website. They are a group of three Christian women who design and sell t-shirts. Each t-shirt comes with a cool design on the front with a related scripture on the back. I LOVE, LOVE these t-shirts. Here is the link to their store. They are also featuring their "Unfolding" t-shirt now and all portions will go to charity. If you click on the "Unfolding" button on my sidebar, it will tell you all about it.
They are so awesome and lucky for you and for me, they are giving away $75 worth of t-shirts. For more information and for a chance to win, please visit their blog at
I SO hope I win! If not, I am definitely going to buy one..or two..haha

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Amie@WildOlive said...

Thanks for posting and displaying our Wild Olive button. You have been entered into the giveaway(5x)!