Jun 1, 2009

Great News For Enbrel Users


If you, your children or anyone that you know is on enbrel, I have some great news. If you don't know, enbrel is a VERY expensive drug. It runs around 12-15,ooo, a year. That usually means a huge co-payment.
I found out through a friend that there is a co-pay assistance program through enbrel.com. However, it is not open to uninsured patients or patients eligible for or covered by federal, state, or government-funded insurance programs (for example, Medicare, Medicaid, etc).
I just got off of the phone with the people at enbrel and in a matter of minutes, we were approved for their co-pay assistance program and for the first 6 months are co-pay is going to be $0. If your co-pay is $750 or lower your co-pay for the remaining 6 months is ONLY $10. This is awesome news. I am so happy, this makes an ALREADY stressful situation a little LESS stressful! Can I get an AMEN!! On top of hospital bills, current prescriptions, treatments, etc this is a much needed break!! Thank you Enbrel!!
FYI- My friend who is also on enbrel was going to have to pay around $500 a month for her enbrel co-pay, now she is paying $0!! It is so worth checking into!

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