Jun 15, 2009

The weekend is over??

And someone should tell me that so is the month of APRIL!!!!!!


The weekends just do not last long enough!! And according to my calendar, I am still stuck in April..lol.. Okay well, I was so inspired by every one's bathrooms last week that I went to Homegoods on Friday evening and found these


aren't they fabulous!! I have never seen black and white monogrammed towels before, and they had a "W'', and they have polka dots!! What more could a girl ask for!!! I had originally gone to Homegoods to look for a black and white "damask" shower curtain. I saw a couple in the bathroom tours last week and I MUST have one now!!! So far no luck in the search but I did find these at Homegoods as well


and they look great in my kitchen. I love anything with color, and these bottles caught my eye and they were cheap so it was a win-win situation!!!

While we are talking about good deals, I went to a couple of yard sales on Saturday morning and found this Lilly Pulitzer monkey dress for only three dollars!!!!


Isn't it the cutest?


The best find was Ayla's baby doll. She LOVES, LOVES baby dolls and thinks she needs a new one every time we go into a store!! I paid two dollars for this one and it looks just like a newborn baby.... it has the wrinkled skin, a baby hospital bracelet on and I found out after I got it home that it is definitely a "BOY". Yes it comes complete with the male anatomy! Ayla has not discovered that yet! You can tell that it was an expensive baby doll at one point so two dollars was not bad, especially since it is in perfect condition!!


I also wanted to show you this dress that I found on Etsy. Isn't is beautiful?? I am in love with Matilda Jane clothes although it is impossible to buy any. They sold out in thirty minutes a couple of weeks ago on line. So I found this knot dress and it reminded me of Matilda Jane and I love it. The designer did a great job and the quality is awesome!! I would love to buy a few more of her items, I think I am going to have her make me a pair of matching ruffle capris!!
Here is the link to her store, Kissing Kumquats, check it out, I am sure you will love it!!


Okay, well I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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