Nov 15, 2009

Ayla's Eye appointment


Ayla had her six month eye exam done last week. I was really dreading it because she always throws a fit and does not cooperate for the doctor. To make sure that the arthritis has not affected her eyes, they have to do a slit eye exam. This consists of putting your chin onto a huge microscope while the doctor shines light in your eyes to check. We have always had to force Ayla to do this and it usually takes a couple of us to hold her down. I am so proud to say that Ayla went through her whole eye exam yesterday without one complaint. She was a pro, she sat there and let the doctor look at her eyes and she was just a doll. I guess this means she is growing up hu? It is bittersweet but it does relieve ALOT of stress on everyone involved. They also did not have to dilate her eyes this time so that was a huge help as well.


The doctor was pleased with her exam. Her arthritis is not affecting her eyes and her glasses seem to be working for her as well. Her eyes do not cross at all with her glasses on. She does well without her glasses, she has no trouble seeing but when she gets tired, her right eye will get lazy and start to cross a little. We are hoping that this will heal itself (with the help of her glasses) in time.


Of course we are extremely grateful that Ayla's eyes are not affected by her arthritis. I know that there are many children who are affected by it and it breaks my heart. As if being in pain from inflamed joints in not enough, when your eyes are inflamed by the arthritis (which is called "iritis") then there is a possibility of losing your vision, having cataracts and glaucoma. It is a very serious condition and one that children should not have to worry about. The treatment is grueling consisting of HOURLY eye drops and even monthly IV infusions. So although I am grateful that Ayla is not affected by this, I am still so sad for all of our JRA friends out there that ARE. Please know if you are reading this, that you ARE in our prayers!!


The appointment ended up being a couple of hours long. We spent alot of time waiting and before too long Ayla had befriended a lady in the waiting room. She kept going over to her and talking to her. The lady had heard Ayla sing Amazing Grace while we were waiting and she asked Ayla if she would sing it again for her. Of course Ayla obliged and she belted out Amazing Grace so loud that EVERYONE heard. Everyone started clapping for her and of course she loved the attention. After Ayla was done singing, her new friend told her that Ayla singing Amazing Grace was the best thing that had happened to her all day. I thought that was so sweet. So before we left the office Ayla had sang Amazing Grace a total of three times. The nurses in the office also asked her to sing it for them.


So after a long day at the Dr's office, this is what I found shortly after we got home!!

Ebay Pictures nov 12 1216

Who knew singing could be SO tiring, why does daddy always get the EASY part???


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear everything went well that the doctor's office, love her dress, she is just a doll!!!!! I would have to agree that Dad's get the easier part.

Stacey said...

I'm so glad to here there is no inflammation in Ayla's eyes! She is a doll! I'm hoping that our appt next month shows the same. Jordan hasn't had an eye flare in about 8 months now thanks to Humira. I hope and pray you never have to go through this with your baby girl! For us the eye issues have been the hardest part of the JA.