Nov 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch and Pumpkin carving


Okay, I know this is kind of late but I thought better late than NEVER. Right? Okay, I am so glad you agree. So we went to the Pumpkin patch a few weeks ago and I just wanted to share some pics with everyone. The kids had a good time picking pumpkins but there was a little maze there just their size and they had a ball running around in it. We played hide and seek in it for a good bit. Trust me, they did not want to leave. I told John we needed to make a maze out back of our house. I probably shouldn't have told him that, I might come home to one in our back yard one day soon!!






Here is the maze that they loved!!




And since we are on the subject of pumpkins, I thought I would share our pumpkin carving experience as well!! I promise one of these days I will get caught up on posts!!

Halloween pics 2009 001

Halloween pics 2009 004

Last week we decided to carve our pumpkin and so I thought I would share a few pictures! Ayla wanted a silly face, so Daddy made a silly face. I also made him scoop the inside of the pumpkin out. It grosses me out so I let him have all the fun! I know, I know, don't ask me how I can work in surgery but I can't scoop the insides of a pumpkin out. Makes no sense, right?
Halloween pics 2009 003
This is priceless, Brennan is reading while Daddy and sister are doing all of the work.
Ayla was so excited, she was hugging Daddy and thanking him for carving the pumpkin. Oh, It is so fun to see the "little things" that make children so happy!!

Halloween pics 2009 006

Anyhow, Ayla really enjoyed it, she marked on her smaller pumpkin while Daddy carved the bigger pumpkin. Brennan just sat on top of the table reading books and acting silly. Ayla cried when we took it outside after we were done, she wanted her work of art inside. I also spent a good bit cleaning the pumpkin seeds off because I was excited to roast them in the oven. Yeah well that didn't turn out so well. They were so hard you could barely chew them up. So I was disappointed about that. I will try again next year!

Halloween pics 2009 026

Ta Da!! What a work of art!!!


Summer said...

That place was so fun! Kelcee did the same thing with the maze.... she didn't want to leave!
That pic of Ayla writing on her pumpkin is so cute!
The pic of Brennan looking at a book while everyone else was working priceless!
Hey I did the same thing with pumpkin seeds a few years ago and this year I was determined. I went online and got this reciepe and it was great! I'll give it to ya Saturday!
Summer :0) said...

What fun. Great carving :)

I am more than happy that you put me on your sidebar. sweet :)