Nov 25, 2009

Hello My Name Is Lesli....

and I am addicted to buying my daughter clothes!! There really should be a twelve step program for oh and I must add, of course I love buying clothes for my son too, but if you have a girl you know what I mean!! My children's clothes are actually an investment for me now because I sell most of them on ebay when they outgrow them and I use that money to buy them more clothes.. It works out great and I hardly ever pay full price for anything. I am always searching for the "best deal". Just about everything that I buy is on sale or I get a great deal on ebay. See what staying at home has done to me??

Ebay Pictures nov 12 1221

Ebay Pictures nov 12 1220

Ebay Pictures nov 12 1219

Anyway, my newest addiction is Matilda Jane Clothing. I really did not know about MJ until I started seeing these cute little knot dresses on several blogs that I read. I did a little research and found the MJ website and Blog and now I am IN LOVE!! What I really love about Matilda Jane is how you can mix and match different pieces even from the past lines and how COMFORTABLE it is not to mention so DANG CUTE. I actually had a trunk show a few weeks ago and I was able to buy several items as a result. Today I had Ayla try on her new Matilda Jane clothes so I thought I would share the LOVE with you!!

Ayla's Matilda Jane Nov 09 001

Ayla's Matilda Jane Nov 09 002

Ayla's Matilda Jane Nov 09 005

Ayla's Matilda Jane Nov 09 006

Ayla's Matilda Jane Nov 09 007

Ayla's Matilda Jane Nov 09 009

Ayla's Matilda Jane Nov 09 011

Ayla's Matilda Jane Nov 09 013

Ayla's Matilda Jane Nov 09 016

Ayla's Matilda Jane Nov 09 017

Ayla's Matilda Jane Nov 09 018

Ayla's Matilda Jane Nov 09 022

Ayla's Matilda Jane Nov 09 028

Okay now that I have YOU loving Matilda Jane, I have GREAT NEWS for you!! On black friday everything on the Matilda Jane website is going to be 30% off. I am soooo excited, this does not happen often, so you better start making your list NOW!!
I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. We will spend the day at our house stuffing our faces with family!! My husband surprised me and got Friday off from work so I can go shopping with my sister. I am excited, I haven't been shopping on black Friday in over three years!! I am sure it will be crazy, but that is what makes it fun!!


Anonymous said...

I just love the pictures! And if I had a girl I probably would be the same. Girls are so fun to dress up cute! So much more variety for girls than boys. Any suggestions on where you buy clothes for your cutie little boy? Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the PICS! I too am a MJ lover! I've been a good girl latley and have not been shopping as much but this makes me want to shop the GB collection on friday w/ the sale!

Casey said...

Wow! You are doing great for being a new MJ lover!!! :-)

Casey said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on the blog!! :) LOVE the shots of MJ. So sweet!!

Monika said...

Your girly looks adorable in all her new MJ!! And I'm totally the same, clothes are an investement to me too!