Dec 29, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had a very fun and exciting Christmas Eve with John's parents and grandmother. We also celebrate Christmas with Kaleb and let him open his presents because he goes to Indiania and then Nashville on Christmas morning to spend the Holidays with his Dad. I can't beleive how tall he is getting, he is much taller than me now..sniff, sniff...

The first thing Ayla does when Mamaw comes over is take her to her bedroom. She loves for Mamaw to play with her. I think she thinks mamaw is her age because she is sooo little. I believe mamaw is around 4"11. Mamaw, Ayla loves you very much and she loves spending time and playing with you!! I am so happy that you always oblige her!!



Ayla was so excited to open her gifts. We ate dinner before opening gifts and she kept saying, "it's time, it's time". It was so cute. She dove right in and was throwing paper everywhere

and of course she had to help Brennan open all of his presents too. In fact, she had to help everyone open their gifts! She was so excited to get a Baby Alive from Grandma and Grandpa, afterall, all she wanted for Christmas was lots and lots of babies!

and Brennan got the coolest tool set complete with helmet, belt, drill, screwdrivers, etc..

and of course Ayla loved it WAY MORE than he she got to work right away!

She was drilling, hammering and measuring everything....

Yep, she is definitely a Daddy's Girl! She kept saying, "these are just like Daddy's".


As you can see... Ayla was so very nice to help her big brother open his presents




We had a great Christmas Eve, the kids were so excited and they loved opening all of their gifts. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for all of our nice presents!! I also want to thank Mamaw again for making a donation to the Arthritis Foundation in honor of Ayla. That was so sweet and we couldn't have asked for a better present!





Of course we will have more Christmas pics in the days to come....I feel like it lasted forever!


Summer said...

I love that tutu Ayla is wearing! What a doll :0)
I can't believe how tall Kaleb is....
That pic of Ayla with Brennan's tools cracks me up! Kelcee with have to bring down her Handy Manny tools and they are gonna have to build us something....Ha! Ha!
I love seeing those pics of MawMaw and Ayla playing together....super sweet!
Love ya
Summer :0)

Whitney said...

So sweet! My Ma Maw is about 4'10! I love Ayla's tutu too!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a wonderful time. I looooove Ayla's outfit!!