Dec 16, 2009


I had a long and probably boring Christmas post with pictures planned for today but last night as I was on the Arthritis Association website, I came across something that is so amazing that I feel I must share with you.

There is a young man named Patrick McGlade that will be running a total of 94 marathons in 94 days. If you haven't figured that out, that is a marathon a day for 94 days. Remember a marathon is 26.2 miles. How amazing is that? Beginning on January 2 in Huntington Beach, California and running over 2400 miles over 106 days (with 12 rest days dispersed on the agenda), Patrick will run to Tybee Island Georgia. What would make a person push themselves beyond their limits? To attempt such a grueling task? Patrick, an avid runner and adventurist, is running to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. He is particularly inspired by children suffering from the disease, especially his 15 year old cousin Mia, from Alabama. "I like the solitude of the long run, and I like pushing my body past what I once thought was its limit," said McGlade. "I realized that there are too many young people that will never know what that's like, because of their arthritis. Whatever we can do for kids today will improve the outlook for future generations, and having them cheering me on from the sidelines.

This story of course it so touching to me. I was in tears as I was reading what this 21 year old young man is doing for my daughter and for all children whose lives are affected by JRA. He will be running through eight states including CA, AZ, NM, TX, AR, MS, AL and GA. If you live in one of these states and would like to show your support by offering him a place to stay or a meal to eat, he would greatly appreciate that. You can even show your support by going out and cheering him on. If you like to run, he would love for you to run alongside with him.

I would encourage you if you can to please make a donation to the Arthritis Foundation and help out with Patrick's expenses. You can make these donations on his website at the following address. If you are unable to make a donation at this time, feel free to visit his website and sign his guest book. Your emotional support will mean just as much...Their are many items that Patrick will need along the way and you may not be able to give money at this time, but maybe you could send a donation if the form of Peanut butter, running shoes, etc. Their is a contribution tab on his website, just click there to see what he will need. By the way, he will be pushing a baby stroller filled with the items he will need along the way, a tent, sleeping bag, clothing, food and supplies. How amazing is that??

Patrick also has a blog where he will post about and keep us updated on his run across the states. Here is the link to his blog if you would like to follow his journey.

Last but not least, if you have a child with JRA, Patrick would love for you to share your story with him. He would like to run in honor of a different child each day and wear a different child's name on his shirt everyday. I have already emailed and heard back from both his mom and his Dad. His mom Susie said, "He is very excited now about his big challenge but I know there will be times when he is running in the cold or rain or sitting by himself in his cold little tent that he might have his doubts about his ability or commitment. I’m sure seeing Ayla’s cute little face will help remind him that he is running for the kids that can’t run without pain. I’m sure it will help motivate him. Seeing her cute little face makes me want to run for her! Thank you for helping my son complete his goal. I sincerely hope Patrick’s run can help all of the children with JRA.

We are definitely going to make a donation to Patrick. Today as luck turned out, Ayla's great grandmother called and instead of buying her toys for Christmas wanted to make a donation to the Arthritis Foundation in her name. How awesome is that? I immediately knew how I wanted her to use that donation. Patrick is such an inspiration and I wish him the best of luck on his journey. He will be in our thoughts and prayers. Man, what a hero? If this doesn't want to make you make a difference, I don't know what could?

Here is a statement from Patrick that is on his website, In his own words, this is why he is doing what he is doing....

"I plan on running a marathon a day for approximately four months to raise awareness and $50,000 for the Arthritis Foundation. My ultimate cross-country run is over 2,500 miles long, from the Pacific Ocean along a southern route, to the Tybee Island coast in Georgia on the Atlantic Ocean (click here to view detailed route.)

I want to increase awareness about living a physically fit life, especially for kids today. I hope to inspire kids along my route, as I'm sure they will inspire me to keep going, especially the children who are affected by arthritis. Too many young people will never know what running is like because of their arthritis. I also hope to increase awareness about arthritis the disease - it's not an "old person's disease" as most think; it affects young and old alike. As I run across America, I will be reminded daily of the 300,000 kids living with arthritis.

My hope is to run a marathon a day for four months, so that kids everywhere can get up and start moving. Whatever we can do for the kids today will improve the outlook for future generations."


Summer said...

That is awesome! Like we spoke on the phone it would be great to have a JRA walk in the area to raise awareness for this disease!
Wow that is a long marathon!
What a great cause he is doing this for!!
Hope little Brennan feels better soon!
Summer :0)

Sara said...

Let me know if you all get anything organized. I'd love to help out!! said...

what an amazing young man! I had no idea that it was humanly possible.

And for such a wonderful cause!