Dec 9, 2009

Christmas Parade




This weekend we were able to take Ayla to the Christmas parade and she loved it! Brennan was still sick, so he had to stay at home with Mamaw. It was so cold, we had her all bundled up with blankets, it was so funny, all you could see was her little face! After the parade we walked to the mall and let her walk around. She loves to throw pennies in the water fountain so we spent some time doing that. It snowed a little over the weekend but we did not venture out yet, we just enjoyed it from our window :) Hopefully we will get a lot of snow soon because we bought a sled last year for the kids and can't wait to try it out!! I finally got the Christmas tree up this weekend so I will have pictures up soon! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

My little model striking a



Summer said...

That outfit is the cutest! That's the one your having her picture in this week isn't it? I love her little coat and hat, I don't think I've seen it before! Anywho I love the pic of you and her! It was so stinkin cold wasn't it? You got a pic of Santa, my camera froze by then... Ha! Ha!
Anywho sorry we played phone tag at the parade.... ya can't here anything over the band! Ha! Ha!
Oh I love Ayla's fur on her little shirt!
Summer :0)

Sara said...

She's always dressed so well! :) I'm glad someone stayed for the whole thing because we didn't stay to see the whole parade -- *I* froze, lol.

Whitney said...

I ordered a dress made out of the same material! I love Ayla's coat and hat! The parade looks so fun! We missed ours this year b/c it was rainy and cold! said...

What a darling outfit. She is such a beautiful princess!!!

Glad you had fun. Hope brother is feeling much better!