Dec 4, 2009

Meet Panda Bear


It's been a fun week at our house! I was sick and then Brennan got sick and now John is sick. Ayla has just had a stuffy nose so nothing major as of right now. We had to take Brennan to the doctor yesterday because he wasn't getting better and he was coughing all night and all day. They said he has bronchiolitis, same thing as last year. The PA said that it is a virus being passed around right now among children two and under. So we got a nebulizer, Mr. panda bear and we have been giving Brennan breathing treatments every 4 to 6 hours.


Brennan was so sweet at the Dr. yesterday even though he wasn't feeling well. He was talking to everyone and showing the nurses his Dvd's. Yes he is still addicted to Dvd's. He carries them around all day and even takes them to bed with him. (Notice in the first picture, he has them at the mall) Weird hu? I know, we just give him old ones to carry around! The PA couldn't get over how personable he was and how well he is talking. She said most children with older siblings don't talk until later on because their sibling always does the talking for them. Not Ayla, she is teaching Brennan to say things all the time. She is constantly going around the house saying, "Brennan say Santa", and he will say it and then she will say, "Brennan say Santa Clause". It's so funny, she teaches him the colors and shapes, she gets upset with him because he says everything is yellow.


Anyway, I tried to take a picture of the house with the Christmas Lights but as you can see they didn't turn out very well. Guess I need to figure out how to take pictures in the dark. I know my camera will do it, I just do not know what settings to use. Still need to hang a wreath and garland on front door.





Oh, and we had the most BEAUTIFUL rainbow I have EVER seen a few days ago, I tried to run out and take a picture and got a couple before my battery went dead. Never fails!!


I hope everyone has a great weekend, I am going to attempt to take Ayla to a Christmas Parade tonight so we will see how that goes and hopefully I will get my tree up this weekend.

Oh another thing, Ayla locked Brennan in my bedroom this morning and I could NOT get it unlocked. John had to come home from work and unlock the door. Ayla had to sit in time out for locking her brother up, she started crying as soon as she saw John saying, " Brennan is locked in, Brennan is locked in". She was very upset after she realized what she had done. A great start to the weekend, don't ya think? Don't worry, Brennan was




Summer said...

Oh my girly sounds like you have had a day! I'm sorry your kiddos are sick :0( ! I can't believe Ayla locked Brennan in your room, kids will do anything! Good thing your house is child proof :0) !
Anywho that Panda Bear is cute!
Sorry ya'll have to use it though!
Maybe we will see ya at the parade tonight!
Summer :0)

Casey said...

your house looks beautiful!

Sara said...

Your house is fabulous! We went to the parade last night and it was sooo cold! I just don't see how the shirtless man does it every year! LOL

♥ Bekki said...

Omgosh where did you get the panda??? Addison has a neb and hers is an ancient piece of junk. I need to get my hands on that!!