Jan 21, 2010

Ayla's Room is Complete!!!

Okay here are the last pictures of Ayla's room. John added the shingles to the roof and he surprised Ayla by putting a mailbox on the side of the house. He is still going to paint a white fence and grass around the house as well. He also made a door out of the shingles but we had to take it down for now because the kids like opening and shutting the door and Brennan has already got his finger slammed in it so maybe one day when they are out of this phase we can put it back up!




I am really excited about how everything turned out! I think John did a wonderful job building the house, painting and putting it back together all by himself. It is so nice to have an artist in the family..lol. In college, John graduated with a Minor in Art! We were able to keep the walls the same color which helped out alot! I decided to take the shelves down and put up a beautiful piece of artwork that I found at Homegoods! I also added a little bling to the center of the flowers that are on her walls.



When we were first putting the bed together in her room John was upset because he thought it was going to be too big. But after everything was together, it turned out to be the perfect size. By having the extra space upstairs, she is able to put her babies and some of her toys, which helps out tremendously because her room is so small to begin with. There is also a little cubby area behind the stairs where she has all of her stuffed animals.




As I mentioned before, the bedding and accessories are all from target. The dresser and bookshelf are also from target from their Shabby Chic collection. I feel like we should be on a commercial for target..lol. I really wanted a Pottery Barn set but I think this set has the same look and I was able to save alot of money!


I know when she is a teenager she will of course want something different. But that is MANY years from now and that will be something fun we can do together when that time comes! Thank you so much for letting me share Ayla's bedroom with you. We have really enjoyed putting everything together and I appreciate all of your sweet comments....and John REALLY appreciates it...lol!


Summer said...

The roof looks AWESOME.... I love the pic you put over her dresser....Sooo stinkin cute....

Kelcee will never wanna leave when she comes over for playdates now....LOL Oh wait she is always playing in Brennan's room with his car stuff LOL....

Summer :0)

Valerie said...

Beautiful...absolutely beautiful. Ayla is one lucky little girl!

And btw...I too love Pottery Barn, but TARGET is where I shop! LOL


Katie said...

I'm so happy you liked today's post and that it meant something to you on a personal level! Your son will LOVE having a little brother and sister, more and more as he gets older. I used to show them off ALL the time when I was in college. My friends were so jealous ;) And my mom LOVES the built in babysitter - we've taken the twins for weekend night slumber parties at our house and they LOVE it. Their big sissy and brother in law let them do WHATEVER they want (with in reason), it's so much fun!!!

And OMGoodness I LOVE Ayla's room. That is any little girly girl's FANTASY room. Shoot, I kinda want to live there!!! (shhh don't tell my husband ;) ) GREAT job to you AND your hubby!!!

Todd and Courtney said...

I love her room! I would have never thought of the idea. Your husband did a fantastic job and I love the decor you picked out. It really is just like Lauren's set from PBK. The only reason we got hers from there is because my mom found it on a random clearance because a store was moving some of their inventory. You should enter her room in some design giveaway/magazine!

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE her room and BED!!!!! How cuta is that!!!! I need you to come do my girls room...HA.

christy rose said...

Her room looks like it should be in a magazine. It is so cute!!! Tell your husband he did a great job. And you too! :)

Alison said...

OH.My.Goodness! That is the cutest bedroom ever.

The Pressley Family said...

How awesome is that room!!! Our girls have the same bedding:)

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

HOW CUTE!!! Raleigh has the same shabby chic furniture from Target!

Stacy said...

Very cool bedroom!!! A little girl's dream come true....