Jan 13, 2010

Sneak Peek Of Ayla's Room

Okay here is a sneak peek of Ayla's room. We have already made changes since these pictures, these were taken on Sunday. We stayed up until midnight on Saturday putting her bed together. Since then John has already added the shingles on the roof and a few other cute surprises! I also found some art work that matched perfectly at Homegoods yesterday. As soon as I get the UPDATED pictures taken, I will post them as well!






It's safe to say that they both LOVE this bed!!!




Todd and Courtney said...

Thank you for your sweet comment Lesli and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bedroom. That's just awesome!

Katie said...

Thank you for your sweet comment - I LOVE your little girl's bed!!! Um, if that was my daughter's bed I am pretty sure my husband would find me sneaking into it at night so I could join in the little girly fun as well!!! Have a great day!!!

Summer said...

Awwww that last pick of Brennan and Ayla is just PRICELESS! Kelcee loved that bed too! Can't wait til the girls are old enough for sleep overs....how fun :0)

The bed looks awesome and I can't wait to see the picks of all the new stuff Jon added to it!

Thanks for telling me about the Coach boots at TJ Maxx

love ya,
Summer :0)

Channa said...

How cute! Thank you for your comment!! I emailed you back to let you know you can still enter the Give Away! I'm sorry for the confusion over the last day to enter.
Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

That is so great that they are loving her new bed!!!!

Stephanie said...

So neat! I love it!

christy rose said...

Ayla's room is absolutely adorable. That bed is the neatest thing I have ever seen for a little girl's room. She is going to have tons of fun with it.

Brandi said...

AWESOME job on the bedroom!!! Also, that is the cutest dog ever! Love the bow!!!!

Amy Cunningham said...

That is SO awesome!!! In the 1st pic I thought there was a doll hanging out the bottom but it's Ayla! Shows how BIG that is!

Shanan said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I love making new blog friends! Your family is precious and I absolutely love Ayla's bedroom and new bed. I am definitely putting you on my blog list! Have a great week-