Jan 8, 2010

Cute Valentines outfits!

I just wanted to share with you one of the reasons why I am such an Ebay ADDICT!
I started looking for a couple of cute Valentines day t-shirts for Ayla and Brennan, and I found these two shirts for Ayla


the hugs and kisses shirt and this intial bling shirt


How cute are these! They will look so cute with a pair of matching ruffles! The best part is they are from Chasing Firelies and on their website now they are $34.00 and $44.00. I am happy to say that I only paid $12 for the valentine shirt and $15 for the Initial A shirt. SCORE!! I HEART Chasing Fireflies, you should check it out if you have not already! They are expensive but they do have some good sales....and I just enjoy looking at all of their cute stuff!!

So here are some other Valentines day sets that I found on Ebay as well. Aren't these adorable... I am loving the Zebra print and polka dots together!



and I can not forget Brennan, I found these shirts at Gap Kids..I will definitely have to get the King of Hears Tee..love it!!



In case you have not noticed, I have a little shopping problem..lol.. Oh well, I know it will not last long, one of these days they will be telling ME what they want to wear so I figure I would enjoy it while I can and to justify my addiction, I do always buy on sale and I am ALWAYS looking for the best deal!!! That makes it okay, right???


Stephanie said...

Those are all so adorable! And what great deals. I'll have to use eBay more. Seems like the only time I use it these days is when something electronic breaks and we need a replacement part.

Summer said...

OMG I sooo almost bought that shirt from Chasing Fireflies....now I'm glad I talked to you.... Keep on a look out for a good deal for me.... you know I can NEVER find DEALS....Ha! Ha!

I love that zebra outfit too! Very cute :0)

Oh and Brennan will look adorable in that shirt!

love ya

Whitney said...

Very cute! I love the two bottom outfits! I can't wait to buy Valentine outfits! I have my eye on two shirts on etsy to wear with pink tutus that my girls already have! :)

Brandi said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. I just checked your blog out too... way cute! Love the Valentine shirts and outfits...awesome! Have a happy day!