Jan 18, 2010

Target, Parties and The Chipmunks!

Okay so I have to brag about my Target shopping spree the kids and I had on Friday morning. Well the toys at Target had been marked down to 50% for a couple of weeks and I had heard that they would be further marked down to 75% but of course no one could tell me the exact date..... so I basically called every day until they said YES they are 75% off. I wanted to stock up on some toys for birthday's, and upcoming Holidays etc, especially when you can get toys for $5 or less, why not?

So off to Target we went, we did not get there until after 11 so most of the toys were gone already but we did manage to score a few amazing deals. I was able to get Ayla the "Our Generation" doll wooden kitchen. If you are not familiar with Our Generation brand, it is their version of American Girl.


This retails for $60 and I got it for $15, this is actually going to be a Christmas gift for next year. I also got the wooden baby doll high chair for $5, two baby dolls for $4 a piece, a Snow White barbie set for $6 and Zambi the Elephant for $9. So basically I got $200 worth of toys for $40. The man checking me out could not believe it, he was amazed! He kept telling everyone, look at all of these toys she got for forty dollars. It was so funny. It was also funny watching me trying to push a buggy full of toys, a double stroller and two kids through target! So anyway, I just wanted to brag about my deal at target!!


On Saturday we went to a friend and neighbor's birthday party. It was at the mall at a new place called "Jump Street". It is basically a room full of inflatables so there were kids running, jumping and bouncing everywhere! Ayla was so excited to go "jump" but she got knocked down in the first thirty seconds that we were there and she was done. She would only jump if we were standing right beside her and holding her hands and at one point she went into one of the inflatables with her best friend Kelcee and played, it had cute race cars all the way around it.... it was a really neat place and she of course enjoyed the birthday party, she loves birthday parties, we have pretend ones here all the time.





------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------

and speaking of cars, I just recently found this Matilda Jane "Auto Matic Love" dress and had to have it. Notice the cars on the top of the dress and the matching car ruffle pants. John loves cars so I thought this was one outfit that he would really enjoy. I took a few pictures before the party, this is definitely one of my favorites now!! This is an older Matilda Jane dress and is sold out now, but you can still buy it on Ebay! Someone on Etsy actually made the matching ruffles!




On Sunday I took Ayla to see a movie for the very first time. I have been putting it off because she is not the type to sit down and watch an entire movie. I talked to her about going a few days before and she was very excited and wanted to go. I told her that she had to sit in her seat and watch the whole movie and she said okay (like that meant anything..lol). She wanted to see the Princess and the Frog but I did not know that it was not playing anymore, so we went and saw the Chipmunks instead. The Result-SHE LOVED IT! I couldn't believe it, she sat there and watched the WHOLE movie. She was laughing and singing the whole time. It was really a cute movie and I am so glad that I decided to take her. This movie had "the Chipettes" and they sang All The Single Ladies by Beyonce and Ayla LOVED this, she was dancing and singing.. it was so cute! Hopefully Brennan will be ready to go this summer because I know they have all kinds of summer movie specials for children! Ayla was amazed at everyone at the movie, she kept saying, "look at all of these people". It was such a fun time, I can't wait to take her again. She started crying when we got in the car saying that she wanted to go back..lol..
Of course I had to take pictures of her first movie experience, I know people must have thought that I was crazy... and maybe I am... a little..lol!






Okay, sorry for such a long post, I am so excited, tonight is Monday... and what does that mean? The BACHELOR is coming on OF COURSE!!


yiiiiiiiiiipppppppeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Orah said...

Thanks for following my blog. Your daughter looks like a sweet girl. I hope the JRA will not be a huge stumbling block in her life and she will feel as good as she possibly can, considering. Enjoy your Target success. I think they do that twice a year. I once made a killing on toys in the summertime at Target.

Summer said...

I am so glad the girls had fun at Jump Street even though we were a ball of nerves....LOL

Ayla looks so stinkin cute in front of the Chimpmunks Billboard.... LOL
I love that she danced to Beyonce....HILARIOUS

I can't wait to watch those crrraaazzzy girls on the Bachelor tonight.... YAY....
Summer :0)

Todd and Courtney said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her outfit with the cars. Lauren also has that Panda gymboree outfit for next fall. It's so cute. I'm totally gearing up for the Bachelor tonight too. It's so much drama but oh how I love it :)

Whitney said...

That's what I'm doing right now... Watching The Bachelor!!

I can't believe your Target deals! Next time, you HAVE to share your secret with me!! :) I love A's MJ outfit too!

Heather said...

Hey Lesli, I'm so glad you found my blog. You have a beautiful family, your girls are so pretty. We have such similar tastes in our girls accessories as far as clothes, toys, even bedroom things! I look forward to reading more from you!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the pictures of Ayla outside!!!!! Aidan saw the same movie and was moving and a grooving to the movie!!! Glad you are all having a great weekend.

christy rose said...

What a great trip you Target! You have gotten a start on Christmas for next year already? I am so so jealous! And I loved the pictures of Ayla at the movies with the chipmunks. What a fun memory you have made together!