Jan 12, 2010

Meet Daisy, our new family member

My sister's family just brought home this sweetie. Everyone Meet Daisy!!


She is a Chinese Crested dog which means that she is hairless (except for the little bit on her head) and she is hypoallergenic! I have always heard about how these dogs are not so hmm attractive, but we fell in love with Daisy right away, I mean seriously look at this sweet thing.
She is darling!


Ayla absolutely loves her.. she would wrap her up in a blanket like a little baby and hold her.


once she was wrapped up, she fell asleep in Ayla's lap within seconds. Ayla loved that!


She is so tiny, they carry her around in a laundry basket. Oh and yes, I DID put the bow in her hair as soon as I had a chance..lol!!


p.s. Ayla's room is finished and we loooooovvvveeee how it turned out, I will post pictures soon!!


Summer said...

Oh my goodness....Daisy is even cuter than you described....I love her.... she's ADORABLE....O.K. I want one...HaHaHaHa

Ayla looks so sweet holding her baby Daisy....:0)

I love the room....You and John did an Awesome job....Ayla is one lucky little girl....

Love Ya,
Summer :0)

Anonymous said...

so cute!!!

christy rose said...

Daisy is cute!!