Apr 24, 2009

Ayla's eye appointment


Ayla had her eye appointment yesterday and it actually went pretty well for a change. She only cried a little and when she started, we would give her suckers and stickers and it worked like a charm. The doctor was actually able to do a complete eye exam and a slit eye exam to check for arthritis. At all of her other appointments, we have had to come back and do the slit eye exam separate because she was so upset and not cooperating. Her slit eye exam showed no arthritis in her eyes.. yeah!!! That was great news!!


He was also impressed on how well Ayla has been doing with her glasses and how her eyes are not crossing at all anymore!!! After saying that, he decided to increase her prescription (for her glasses). I was confused because she IS doing well and NOT crossing her eyes anymore and asked why, was it because her vision was getting worse? He explained to me that yes she is doing well but you have to keep increasing the prescription, or strength of the glasses as a preventive measure. Her eyes could get use to the strength of her glasses now and start crossing again. So we avoid this by increasing the strength of her glasses. He said that it had nothing to do with her vision and that if her eyes didn't cross then she wouldn't have glasses AT ALL. He also told me that she will eventually outgrow this, so we just wait and see how it works out!! It would be so nice if she didn't need her glasses by the time she starts school. That is still four years away, so I am praying that her eyes will be okay by then. I was glad to hear that she doesn't have trouble with her vision per say.


Overall it was a good day with good news. That is a nice change to say the least! Trust me I needed good news because I have been extremely sick all week. I have had the worse cold/sore throat in my life. I haven't been able to sleep for three nights now. Ayla woke up this morning sneezing and with a runny nose. I am praying that she does not get as sick as I have been. With her immune system compromised, when she gets sick it is a lot worse than a "healthy" child getting sick. It also affects her joints and causes her arthritis to flare, which just makes for a miserable time all around. This is why it is so important to try and keep her as healthy as we can. I know when Kaleb was a baby, I didn't think twice about a cold, it was no big deal. With Ayla it is totally opposite, a cold could be very bad and could quickly turn into something much more significant. So if you know us and you think we go off of the deep end about Ayla getting sick, it is not because we are crazy its just because her getting sick could cause a huge setback for her. The first label on her medicine (methotrexate) reads, "Avoid Sick People". That is kind of funny, but we are doing the best we can do and trying to lead a normal life for her as well. We realize that we can not keep her in the house all day everyday nor do we want to, but we can avoid certain situations like going to church during flu season for example (which I hate by the way) but it will get better and she will get better so until then we just have to be careful!!!


Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Ayla started driving lessons EARLY!!! I mean, this is Just her size, right? Who knows, maybe she will be able to teach her big brother K how to drive ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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