Apr 24, 2009

The Tea Party Birthday

Last week we packed up and headed out of town to go visit our very dear friends that live in Indiana. The "girls" Ella and Makena had their third birthday so we were all able to go and celebrate it with them. I have to tell you about this birthday party, because it was so awesome!! It was a tea party/princess/fairy party and all of the girls had their pettiskirts on and the cutest flower headbands. The owner and lady in charge of the party painted all of the girls faces, (all except for Ayla I must add, she did not want her face painted) and it was so cute. She put sparkles in their hair and on their arms and the girls just loved it!!


After that, everyone sat down at the long table for their "tea party", which was actually lemonade. They all had their own plates with tea cups and there were little pitchers of lemonade and sprite that they could pour themselves.


Ayla loved pouring her "tea" which she called "teat" for some reason. She must have had fifty cups because she just sat there and poured her
"teat" the whole time. This was her favorite thing to do!


When we first got to the party, Ayla refused to put her skirt on but after a little convincing from Mama Sandy, she finally put it on!


They brought out four courses of food for the girls. They put them on little platters so they could get whatever they wanted. They had a variety of sandwhiches brought out first followed by vegetables and dip, then fruit and dip, then little cookies and brownies.


and as if this wasn't enough, they then had the most delicious marshmallow pops with sprinkles. They are marshmallows dipped in melted frosting and then dipped in sprinkles..yummy!!! These were a huge hit and everyone loved them. We are definitely going to try and make these at home. It couldn't be that hard, right?


After the marshmallow pops, each girl had their own individual cake. They were little fairies with the cake part being their skirt. So cute!!



This party was so cute and so much fun!! I would have never thought of anything like that! All of the girls had so much fun including the beautiful birthday girls Ella and Makena. They are the sweetest, cutest and most loving little "twins" you will ever meet! When Ayla first saw them she said, "there are two of them", it was cute! We are so happy that we were invited to share this special day with the twins and with our friends whom I consider "family".


Here is the beautiful birthday girl Makena (I think)

and the other beautiful birthday girl, Ella!!!!

Happy third birthday girls, we love you and are so glad we were able to share this day with you!!!!

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