Apr 15, 2009

Easter 09

I hope everyone had a nice Easter Sunday! Since Ayla had her injection Saturday night, we did not go to church in the morning. The medicine makes her feel lousy on Sunday and she cries a lot so we decided to keep her home. Last Saturday she was actually up from 2-4am after her injection with an upset tummy. We are also trying to wait until flu season is over as well because her immune system is down and I don't want to take any chances on getting her sick
We waited until after breakfast and then the kids realized that the "Easter Bunny" did indeed pay them a visit
They were so excited and they loved everything

Kaleb especially enjoyed the money, I tunes card and the never ending stash of candy that was left for him!!!

as usual, Brennan liked his Thomas the Train Book

and Ayla liked her tutu or "princess skirt" as she would say that was attached to her easter basket...aww...how cute!!

When the kids woke up this morning, I read the Easter Story to them. I tried to explain everything to Ayla but I think next year she may understand a little better. Our family was over and we all ate dinner and spent time together. It was a good day, I hope everyone had a great day celebrating "Our Risen Lord". I am so thankful for our wonderful Lord and Savior who died and rose again so that we may be free from our sin!! Happy Easter everyone!!

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