Apr 30, 2009

Please say a prayer

If you are reading this and you have the time, please say a prayer for our neighbor and friend who is losing her battle with ovarian cancer. I just found out that things are really bad so John and I are going to visit her this evening at Hospice. We were expecting her to come home from Hospice this week but things took a turn for the worse and it looks like she will not be coming home after all. My heart is breaking and my eyes are filled with tears as I write this post. I just feel so bad for her family. She is married with two children. One is getting ready to graduate from college and one lives at home and has special needs. I am particular concerned about him and how he will handle this. One day she is a college professor teaching English at a local college and the next she is diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. It just doesn't seem fair. For the last five years she has battled this disease and has put up a good fight. I hate cancer and what it does to the people that we care for and love. Please if you don't mind, say a prayer for her and for her family. Thank you!

Jesus please be with her and her family, wrap your arms around them and carry them through this difficult time in their life.

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Dana said...

I will pray!!!! Lost my mother to ovarian when I was three. I will definitely pray!!!!!!