Apr 6, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

We took the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend. The hospital that John works for (and where I previously worked) has one every year at a local park. We took Ayla last year and she enjoyed it, so we decided to take both of the kids this year. We convinced Kaleb to go with us this year and I am so glad that we did. He was a HUGE help with Brennan, he is such a good big brother! My niece Angel was in from Michigan, so she got to go with us as well!
At Last year's Easter Egg Hunt, Ayla was around 18 months and Brennan was around four months, so he stayed home with grandma. Yeah, they are 14 months apart (not a good idea people!!) HA! Just playing, I love my babies very much!! I found these first two pictures from last year's Easter Egg Hunt. Look how much Ayla has grown in one year. It almost brought me to tears to see how big she is getting. She is so tall now, everyone thinks she is already three!!

Last years pictures.................



And here are the pictures from this year...........




When Brennan discovered that there was candy inside the eggs, he was no longer interested in picking up any other eggs, he carried that one piece of chocolate around the rest of the time, it was so funny. After it was over, Brennan's basket had more eggs than Ayla's. Kaleb and I were impressed at first, but then John fessed up and told us that he had put the eggs in Brennan's basket. Oh, well, he still had fun. And as you can see so did Ayla. If you notice in the background of this picture, you can see Ayla in front of a little boy, she was going around putting eggs in the other kids baskets..ha... I guarantee that if she knew there was candy inside she wouldn't be so eager to share!! Awe...isn't she so sweet. Kaleb was nice enough to take Ayla and John took Brennan so I could take pictures. Kaleb kept trying to convince Ayla that she should put the eggs in her OWN basket..lol....



After they were finished with the eggs, look at the excitement on Ayla's face


When she realized that she got to do this................




She was so excited, this was the first time either one of them has been inside one of these inflatables. They both had a good afternoon. We are going to another Easter Egg Hunt this weekend so they should be pro's!!

So until then ..........................


PEACE OUT everyone from my adorable niece, Angel (before she fell and was covered with mud..ha!)


We will see you later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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