May 26, 2009

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful BOY!

beautiful baby

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy, is a song by Celiene Dion. It is on her "Miracle" album and I listened to it ALOT when I was pregnant with Ayla and Brennan. It has beautiful lullaby's on it and is one of my favorites! Anyway, Brennan is my beautiful boy and he is in a beautiful baby contest!!

So with that being said, I am begging asking you nicely to please vote here for my Beautiful Baby "Brennan" who is number 12 on the website. Unfortunately they did not include the names only numbers. If for some reason the link is not working, just go to and in the right hand corner there is a tab that says beautiful baby contest. Just click there and it will take you directly to the voting site.

I really appreciate you voting, as it only allows you to vote once per computer. I am trying to spread the word, voting is over on the 31st. If we would happen to win (fingers crossed) we would win two thousand dollar's worth of portraits from the fabulous studio that took this picture above. Masterpiece studio is awesome and all of their portraits look like artwork when they are finished. I have always wanted to get the kids pictures done there but they are SOOO expensive and we really can't afford it. So this would be such a treat if we were to win!!

Thank you so much for voting, my beautiful BOY and I apprecitate it very much!!!!

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