May 22, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Dining Rooms

It's Friday again and time for show us where you live Friday. This Friday is dining rooms so head on over to Kelly's Corner and check out all of the other great dining rooms.

This is our dining room looking in from the kitchen. This is a small area but it works perfect for us! This was actually our living area before we added on to our house two years ago! Can you imagine two babies and all that comes along with it in this tiny space?? My husband just added the light a few weeks ago. I love it and it adds so much to the room!! I also am very happy with our dining room table. We got it a couple of years ago and it is perfect for us. We did not want anything formal, we love the pull out bench that this has!

We bought the rocking chair when Brennan was born, I wasn't sure about putting it there at first but it has grown on me and I like it now. Since my babies are growing, it will probably not be there for too much longer :(

I am looking to do something new with this sofa table, I would like to have some other decorative items on top so if you have any suggestions, lay them on me!!!!

The only thing we HAVE to keep is the carved wooden fish, my husband and I got this on our honeymoon to Jamaica. I know it is not that appealing but it works!!
These are my babies!!!

I would also like to do something with the ledge on the right. It is so plain and I just don't know what to put there. Any more ideas???

Okay, that is it. A very simple and little space, just the way I like it!! I am off now to look at everyone else's dining room!!


The Blackwoods said...

Oh how I love your table! The next table I buy will have a bench. GREAT ROOM! Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

What a great room!! You take great pictures!! I love your table!!

Anonymous said...


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Pam said...

I love your table. I like the sofa table how it is. I guess us girls get the itch to redecorate on occasion. Maybe you could rotate your decorations from season to season.