May 2, 2009

Brennan's First Haircut

Okay well, if you remember this post, then I guess I can't say that this is his FIRST haircut but it IS his first professional haircut!! John only trimmed his hair but it went really well! Here is a picture of Brennan before his haircut!


So how did Brennan's first professional hair cut go? oh, I am so glad you asked, I would LOVE to show you!!!


Yeah, he pretty much cried I mean screamed the whole entire time!


we gave him suckers and my phone to play with but


nothing seemed to work. He was just not happy about having his hair cut and he was sure to let everyone know!!


So, how did Big Sister do while Brennan was getting his hair cut? Well, I am so glad you asked, I would love to show you...


Yeah, she pretty much cried the whole entire time as well!!


She is not fond of watching anyone get their hair cut which is why she still has not had her hair cut. At one point I think she thought that David (the owner) was a Dr. because he had a white coat on. So that definitely did not help matters! I honestly thought that Brennan would do fine with it since he is my calm and laid back baby but as it turned out, he was not a fan of the whole hair cutting thing!!!


But it was so worth it, look how cute his hair cut turned out!!! I mean he has to be the cutest thing EVER!!! Thank you so much Kathy, I am sure that everyone was glad to see us go!!! Maybe next time we should come AFTER HOURS!!!!!

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