May 7, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday


I have found a sweet blog that I just adore. If you have time please stop by and visit Kelly and her adorable little baby Harper. Kelly is hosting a Show Us Where You Live on Fridays where everyone who participates gives a tour of one of their rooms. This Friday it is living rooms so here we go!!!

This is our living room looking in from our kitchen/dining room area. It is one big open space and you take one step down here into the living area. This is a new addition that was added almost two years ago. Our whoe entire house has been in a constant remodel since we moved in a little over five years ago. It is a never ending process!! The swing was just added over the winter so the kiddo's would have something to do. I have a one and a two year old so they enjoy this for right now!

This is looking in to the right of the room

A children's kitchen makes a great addition, don't you think? That is one thing that I like about this room, it is big enough to have the kids toys in but still not look like there are toys everywhere.

This is our couch and chair, it is microfiber which I love because you can wipe it with a little water and soap when it is dirty (and believe me it gets dirty quite often!!) and it is as good as new. So far we have never had a problem with getting stains out. Very nice with two toddlers in the house! We also just purchased this ottoman a couple of days ago from T.J. Maxx (love that store) and we really like it. It opens up and has a ton of storage. I am sure it will not take to long to pile a bunch of toys in there!!

This is one of our favorite piece's of furniture. My mother in father in law gave this to John and I a few years ago so it is very special! The bottom part which you can not see has two doors that open as well for storage. We used to have books and little decorative pieces in this but now we have children's books and puzzles. I am sure those of you with little ones understand what I mean. As soon as they start walking everything nice and breakable goes away!!

This is the corner where we keep some toys. My daughter has a full nursery set up!

We have these storage chests on both side of the walls and I bet you can not guess what is inside!!

That's right, MORE TOYS!!!

Our fireplace that we love and use often in the winter. It is electric but is works very well. It heats the room up in no time!! I tried to get a picture with the fire on because it is so pretty, but it didn't turn out.

This is the left corner of the room. You can see anothe storage chest and the bamboo pull out drawers are full of diapers, wipes, lotions..etc.

This is looking into the room on the left, we have the train table and the french doors behind open out to our patio.

Behind our very decorative train table is a corner shelf that actually connects to the book shelf that my inlaws gave to us. It use to have some really nice breakable pieces but they are LONG gone.

Well that's it, I hope everyone enjoyed the tour of our kid friendly living room. I can't wait to look at all of the other rooms. This is a great way to get ideas for your home!!


Heather said...

Love your living room and all the colors!! SO pretty and I bet your baby has so much fun the swing!

Jenny said...

Great room! We have lots of toys too. My daughter's kitchen is in the breakfast room! LOL!

Great idea to put the swing up!

Cheri said...

Very pretty!! Your link over at Kelly's blog isn't working (but it does state your website on the error page.) Don't know if you can fix it?

Cheri said...

Duh, I see you fixed it in the next link. lol

Rachel said...

I love your decorating style. I pretty much love everything in there!

Kelly said...

I love it all! Great room! My 2 year old would be jealous if she saw the train table. She stalks it everytime we go to Toys R US.

blessedmomto7 said...

LOVE your curtains and the way your ceiling fans hang down ;)

King J's Queen said...

I wish my living room would look that neat and organized with all the toys. Very nice!

Pam said...

very warm and inviting. Love the fireplace and mantel. I could cook in that little kitchen...hehe.

Watts Family said...

Your home is beautiful! Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Many Blessings,


Sar(Mrs.Teddy) said...

What a beautiful room! SO relaxed & cozy, I love that it is lived in & your kids are obviously welcome in there! The colours are great & I love all the windows!

Lynn said...

What a beautiful, spacious LR!! Love how you've decorated! Really like that fireplace--electric or not, it's very nice!

Happy Mother's Day!