Oct 10, 2008

Ayla's encounter with " ipstick"

This evening I had the brilliant idea that I wanted to go to Toys R Us and get Ayla some new crayons and markers, washable of course. I can't remember what I did with her old ones so I had a revelation that she needed to get in touch with her artistic side and she had to do it tonight. My friend had told me about some new markers that have just a little tip on the end, which wouldn't be as messy. So off to Toys R Us we went to get the markers. Just imagine a two year old and an almost one year old running around in Toys R Us . Yeah, not a pretty picture. Ayla had to pick up every toy and Brennan was running everywhere. Eventually Ayla found a huge battery operated car and she had to get in it. After that, we were done. John had to pry her out and of course she threw a fit. Brennan in the mean time leaked out of his diaper (putting it nicely ) all over me. So our trip to Toys R Us was unfortunately cut short. When we got home and after I put Brennan to bed, I got Ayla's new markers out. We sat in the floor and she attempted to color with her markers. I looked away only for a few seconds and when I looked back, she was pretending to be putting on lipstick. Of course I freaked out because it was all over her mouth but a little water took it right off. I knew I was getting the washable ones for some reason!! Ayla just looked at me like what is the big deal and said "ipstick". After I realized that she was not going to die, I grabbed my camera and took a picture. It looks like we will be playing with the markers another time!

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