Oct 9, 2008

Pediatrician Visit

Today was Ayla's appointment to get all of her vaccines up to date. Thankfully she only needed her hepatitis A shot and the flu shot. We normally do not give our kids the flu shot, but because Ayla will be on Methotrexate which will lower her immune system the doctor said that is was very important for her and for Brennan to get the flu shot. She said if Ayla were to get the flu, it could easily turn into pneumonia and she would probably end up in the hospital. Again, I feel that I have no other choice, I want to keep my children healthy and limit the possibility of them getting sick so what are you going to do? I hate feeling like I have no other choices than giving my children medicine and vaccines all of the time. Since I am on the topic of vaccines, I have been doing some research on them lately and I am just not sure I agree with all of them. Some mothers have swore that vaccines have caused their children with JRA to have flare -ups AFTER they were in remission. It just makes you think, if they ALL are necessary. I don't know, it is something that I am definitely going to think about more and research more. I think more and more parents are choosing to NOT to have their children vaccinated. At least not all of them anyway. Of course the doctors make you feel really dumb when you ask questions about this and whether it is TOTALLY necessary. Okay, well after I do more research, I will keep everyone posted. Brennan's 1 year old appointment is coming up in November so I am sure he will be due some of the vaccines.

Ayla's appointment went okay. She cried of course, sometimes I wonder if this will ever change. The nurse however gave her some smarties (the candy) because she was crying and that helped tremendously. This was the first time she has ever had candy besides a sucker, and she LOVED them. It was so funny, after she ate the first roll, she kept doing the sign language sign for more and kept saying "more candy" the whole entire time the Dr. was in the room. Anyway, I let her have more candy because she did get two shots and I felt bad. Oh, well, it was for a good reason!!! Now that this is out of the way, we will get lab work and x-rays next week. Ayla will start on her medicine two weeks from today.

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