Oct 11, 2008

Brennan, Caught in the act!

This morning as I was attempting to get ready, I gave Ayla a banana to eat. Usually I just give her half and she eats it. Well today she wanted to eat it with a fork for some reason so I cut it up and put it in a bowl for her. I sat her on the floor with her banana as she watched Sesame Street. Brennan was in his bed playing after taking his morning nap. I was still running around getting sippy cups and the diaper bag ready to go . We were going to go to the farmers market, they were having a Halloween day for the kids. Well, Brennan started crying so I got him out of bed and let him run around while I was finishing up. I forgot about the banana in the floor but it took Brennan no time to find it. When I realized that it was too quiet and I hadn't heard Brennan in a while, I knew something was wrong. I walked into the room and there was my sweet, precious Brennan squeezing the banana all in his fingers. It was all over him. His face and legs were covered with bananas. Oh yeah, and he decided to smear it all over the couch as well. Trust me he was having a GREAT time. I guess it is safe to assume that he likes bananas. This was his first REAL banana. So again, I grabbed my camera and took his picture. Make sure you click on the picture so you can see his face up close. TOO CUTE! The other pictures of Brennan was taken later in the day. His favorite thing to do is throw Ayla's plastic dishes on the floor. He does this over and over. It is so funny. I guess he likes the sound it makes on the floor. Who knew dishes would be his favorite toy?

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