Oct 16, 2008

Cars and Skating....

Well first of all I just have to tell you about Brennan and his new found love for cars. Hmmm.. I wonder where he gets that!! For those of you who do not know, John, my hubby loves cars. He has owned A LOT, restored a couple and can tell you just about anything you want to know about one. His passion or should I say illness is for FAST ones though I must say... And for those of you who do know John and his love for cars, you will find this very funny. Today John and I decided to go grab a bite to eat with Brennan because Ayla was taking a nap. When I got into the car I looked back and saw that Brennan had a little hot wheels car in his hand. He has been playing with them recently, rolling them on the floor and making the vrrrmmm car sound. Which brings up a question. How in the world does a child not yet a year old know what kind of sound a car makes? It amazes me, he is just so darn smart..heheh... Anyway, I asked John where he got the car and he said that he had it in his hand when he picked him up . Well, I will have to post pictures later because they are on my phone, but Brennan held on to that car throughout THE WHOLE ENTIRE dinner. He had the car in one hand while he was stuffing his face with the other hand. It was so funny. I am not kidding you, he did not put that car down one time. I must say that his dad was extremely happy. It is safe to say that he will probably be walking in his fathers foot steps when it comes to cars. Oh boy I guess I am in trouble!!!

Okay so you are probably wondering what the skating is about in the post title. Well this evening we took the kids to a Halloween party at the ice skating rink. I wasn't sure how Ayla would like it, if at all, but it was for the employees children at the hospital where my husband works and it was free, so I thought I would give it a try. Well I have to say that I may have a future Olympic figure skater on my hands. Ayla absolutely loved it! I love it when she actually enjoys herself and has a good time. There are so many times that she does not feel well, and It makes me so happy to see her so happy . Of course she did not put skates on, they had a little section of ice for the little kids and they could go out on the ice and wear their shoes. John held her under her arms and scooted her around on the ice(like she was skating) the entire time. Well until his back could not take it anymore. It was so cute, and she was so cute. She was dressed like a little bunny, in honor of her bunny that is never far from her sight. Of course she cried when we left but we had a great time and I am glad that we went.

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