Oct 6, 2008

Our first trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Today we took the kids to the pumpkin patch. I thought it would be nice for the kids to pick out a couple of pumpkins and to get into the fall spirit. I love fall and the beautiful colors that come along with it, especially here in West Virginia. The trees are so beautiful this time of the year and the weather is perfect. Maybe this will be our new family fall tradition. I thought it would be cool in the evening when we went, so I had long sleeve shirts on the kids, it turned out being extremely hot and they both I think were pretty miserable. Ayla was happy at first but that was short lived. The pumpkins were in a field that was very uneven and bumpy not to mention dusty, and she could not get around to well without falling. She is still somewhat unstable when it comes to uneven surfaces. She decided very quickly that she did not like it and trust me she let us know about it. Brennan on the other hand had a great time, he was sitting in the dirt playing with the pumpkins, having a good time. There is not a lot that bothers him or gets him upset. He is so laid back and happy all of the time, a total opposite of his sister. Our friends, Adam, Kristi and their son Ben went with us as well. Adam took some great pictures of the kids , in which I am very grateful for. Thank you Adam! On the way home we stopped at a park and let the kids play. Well Ayla play. Brennan just walked around in circles like most 11 month old babies do!! Ayla loved the swings and slide. She kept her daddy busy. She kept saying "watch mommy", she was so proud of swinging by herself! I love seeing her so happy. We knew when we left that she was going to throw a fit because she was having such a good time and she did exactly that. We are really going to have to invest in a swing set for next summer. Anyway, here are the pictures from our first annual pumpkin patch visit!

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