Oct 28, 2008

New medicine

Finally, after putting it off as long as we could, we started Ayla on her medicine (methotrexate) Saturday night. It was the worse day ever because I was just dreading giving it to her. You would think I was giving her poison. I just really never thought that we would have to resort to a second line medicine. Seven months ago when this all started, I thought that we would get this under control and it would be no big deal. Now, I really have no other options and if it will help her and make her feel better then I know it is the right thing to do. It still upsets me and that vial of medicine is just a reminder that I do have a child with a chronic illness. It is just so frustrating.
Saturday evening before we gave her the medicine we took her out for a little bit. John had to end up carrying her all evening because she was complaining about her ankle hurting her and she would not walk on it. Since we have decreased her naproxen dose one week ago, she has complained every day about her ankle hurting. The methotrexate usually takes about three to four weeks before any results are seen, so hopefully this will help her ankle . If not, she will probably have to have another joint injection to her ankle. Anyway....

We gave her the medicine on Saturday night around 9:15 pm.. we mixed it with a little bit of juice and she drank it with a straw out of a little medicine cup.. everything went great, we kept her up for another hour to make sure she had no reactions and then she went to bed. I was a nervous wreck all night and did not sleep at all. I was sick to my stomach because I was so stressed out about everything. Ayla started crying in her sleep around 1am, I looked in at her but she was still sleeping so I did not get her up. I am guessing that her stomach was upset from the medicine as this is the most frequent side effect and that is why they tell you to give it before they go to bed. She eventually stopped crying and slept the rest of the night without a problem. She woke up Sunday morning crying around like usual and was not interested in eating. As the day went on, she eventually became more active and by evening she was running around playing.

Today is Tuesday and as far the medicine goes, she is doing great. She is still complaining about her ankle but I have confidence that it will get better as the medicine starts to work. I know that she is in God's hands and that he will take care of her. I pray every night that he wrap his arms around her while she sleeps. It is so nice to know that she is surrounded by prayer from everyone. I have been reading a children's bible to her every night before she goes to bed and I always tell her how much Jesus loves her. Even though she doesn't understand, out of all her books, she loves this one and she sits so contently listening to every word. We always say a prayer and then end the night singing Jesus loves me, Oh how I love Jesus and My God is so Big....

My God is so big, so strong and so mighty there is nothing my God can not do for you~!

I know there is nothing that our God can not do and I know that he is watching over Ayla and like Mammaw said to me today, He will work this out for her in his due time. Thank you Mammaw for all of your prayers!

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